How do we use the search?
You may insert keywords of your choice. For example, trade marks passing off. Do insert the important keywords only.

If you wish to search for the name of a case only, click on the “Parties’ Name” button.

For exact word search, you may add use the quotation marks (“) at the beginning of the word and end of the word. For example, “copyright infringement”.

Where do your cases come from?
Our cases are obtained from the Courts’ websites and they are unedited. There are also cases obtained from lawyers or public domain sources.

Do you have judgments from other countries?
We only have Malaysian Court judgments.

How we use the the identity card/passport/business and company no search?
For identity card search, you will need to remove the dash (-) symbol. As for company registration number search, you will need to retain the dash (-) symbol.

How many cases does the App shows per search?
There is a maximum of 50 cases shown per search. To filter the results, please add more keywords.

Why are some cases loading so slowly?
As these cases are in their original format, their size could be quite big. Please be patient to allow the case to load or connect to broadband to go online.

Can I use the search on my Desktop computer?
No, the App is only available on mobile devices.

The fonts are too small. How can I enlarge the fonts?
There is a magnifying glass icon above the blue bottom banner. You can increase or decrease the view. You can also send (e.g. by way of email) the link of the file to yourself so that you can read the case on other devices.

Can I contribute cases?
Yes, you may send a scanned copy to us at our email address.

For other queries, you may contact us.